Tips: How to make a relationship work with a man who already has kids(Video)


Commercial model and hospitality expert, Evangeline Ayim, has shared the one most important tip to making a relationship work with a man who already has children with another woman.

During an interview on eTV Ghana on the ‘Girl Vibes’ show, she told host, Mercy Bee that dating a man who already has children can be very shaky and in most cases, there is a lesser chance of the relationship working out if the woman and the man’s children do not bond.

“If the kids don’t like you, you’re finished so if the man is somebody you really want and want to settle down with, then you should work towards bonding with the kids first but you should also be sure to do it in a way that doesn’t break the bond that they have with their father”, she said.

Eva noted that it is very important that the woman treats the man’s children as if they were her own because the more they feel loved, the closer they get to you.

Also, “Don’t expect them to open up their hearts to you the first time you meet them. You just have to be extremely patient and flexible. Don’t pretend to love them. You need to see them as your own children and that way, it will be easier for you to love them”, she continued.

Evangeline, who has had experience with dating a man with children, opened up about why she had to end the relationship. According to her, she did not feel prioritized enough by the man and in as much as she loved his children, she thought it wasn’t fair that he made no time at all for her, thus her reason for leaving.

“In as much as the kids are important to him, I felt like he should be able to create a time for just the both of us where the kids would not be around and we have our own personal time but he didn’t so I had to leave”.


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