Portugal declares state of emergency over rising COVID-19 cases


Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has declared a state of health emergency starting this week to allow the government to impose further coronavirus restrictions.

In a televised address, Mr. Rebelo de Sousa said he had just signed a decree “relating to a second state of emergency” since the start of the pandemic that will last at least two weeks.

He said it will be “very limited and largely preventive” but “pave the way for new measures such as restricting traffic to certain times and certain days, in highest risk municipalities.

After an extraordinary cabinet meeting, a nighttime curfew similar to what has been implemented in other European nations has been imposed alongside the taking of people’s temperature at some locations.

About 7.1 million people are currently living under new restrictions and have been asked to stay home and work remotely as far as possible.



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