Be humble, you are still a child in acting – Angry kwaku Manu tells Lilwin


Yesterday on United Showbiz on UTV, two grown men, Kwaku Manu and Kwadwo Nkansha Lilwin engaged in a word banter and nearly exchanged blows again.

Kwaku Manu was unhappy about some words Lilwin used to describe him and in return showed the ‘Proud’ actor his place in the profession.

Lilwin was blowing his horn on why his new TV series Cocoa Season will be the biggest in Ghana and how some colleagues refused to work with him on the project.

The actor mentioned some of the actors who refused to work with him and Kwaku Manu told Lilwin to explain why he should accept his project when he(lilwin) has rejected to do interviews and projects from him.

Kwaku Manu added that Lilwin should eat the humble pie because he is still a child win it comes to acting. He is yet to achieve the glory of many and so he should stop behaving like he is on top.

The reply Kwaku manu gave lilwin touched a nerve and their verbal fight broke. The grown men could not control their temper so much so that the host, Nana Ama McBrwon had to go for a commercial break.


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