Find out why underwear’s are a necessity for ladies


Rita Mawusi, a young entrepreneur and secretary has explained on eTV Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes’ show why it is very important for ladies to put on underwears.

Speaking in an interview with host, Mercy Bee on the award-winning ladies’ chat show, she noted that underwear is anything that is worn beneath an overgarment, however, focusing on panties, she mentioned that for ladies, not wearing underwear especially during the day, poses great and unthinkable risks to the vagina.

“As women, we have discharges and it’s the underwear that protects us so imagine walking around without underwear when you’re having these discharges. It’s going to be very disgusting. Also, it protects our private parts from stuff like dust that may cause infections.

During the night, you’re just lying at one place sleeping so it depends on your preference but during the day, it is very necessary. If you’re not sleeping and you decide to go out at night, then you need to wear underwear too”, she said.

Sometimes, ladies prefer to wear jeans without panties underneath because they claim it causes too much heat around their private part and that gets uncomfortable. Mawusi advised that this habit is very unhealthy and is one that needs to stop.

Per her explanation, jeans have dye and other chemicals in them that can be very harmful to a lady if it comes into contact with her private part. The panty, she said, is supposed to prevent these chemicals from entering the vagina by serving as the blockage, hence if it is not worn, the lady is only putting herself at risk of contracting infections.


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