Akufo-Addo is master architect behind botched Agyapa deal – Martin Amidu


Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Amidu has accused President Akufo-Addo of being the suspected master architect behind the botched Agyapa Royalties Transaction.

He said the President whom he trusted so much for his integrity to fight corruption looked like an “innocent flower of anti-corruption but he was really the mother corruption serpent under the innocent-looking flower.”

“The President in spite of the Presidential oath of office assented to the Minerals Income Investment Fund (Amendment) Bill 2020 thirteen (13) clear days thereafter intending it to take retroactive effect to ratify a clearly opaque and unaccountable transaction in which the Transaction Advisor was also the Ministry of Finance. The President of Ghana and I practiced law at the Bar and he knows how meticulously and labouriously I study the case for both sides in depth before advocating my cause. It is regrettable that these few years as the President made him to mix up the ingredients that make one a judge in his own cause in the performance of his constitutional duties as President.”

Martin Alamisi Amidu made the claims in a response to comments by the presidency after accepting his resignation.

For him, the Agyapa Royalties Transaction was largely engineered to rob Ghanaians of the gold extractive resources in perpetuity for the benefit of few members of the President’s government.

“The 1992 Constitution enjoins every Ghanaian to defend and protect against such suspected rape on the Constitution being perpetrated through Agyapa Royalties Limited incorporated in tax haven Jersey in the United Kingdom. This is not a political dispute. It is an existential defence of the national extractive resource patrimony and the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Mr. President and Secretary to the President kindly read the full sixty-four page instead of continuing to rely on the 13 page letter dated 16th October 2020 to the President containing only conclusions and observations which you have referred to as the source material for writing the President’s response dated 17th November 2020 to me as a private citizen of Ghana. The President and you may thereafter agree with the content of the anti-corruption assessment in the full report after painstakingly reading it. The sixty-four (64) page Agyapa Royalties Limited, Jersey, incorporated Transactions Documents assessment report discloses the plain truths based on professionally analyzed facts and assessments derived from letters and other documents supplied by the affected parties.”

Source: Starrfm


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