Roni Nicol rescues mother of 3 evicted by NDC landlord over Free SHS


A Deputy Managing Director of the State Housing Corporation, Roni Nicol, says he has donated some cash to a mother of three who was evicted by her NDC landlord.

The mother of three, Evelyn Akosua, according to Mr Nicol, was evicted by the NDC landlord because of Free SHS.

In a post on his official Facebook page, the Deputy Managing Director said “Today i donated some money to Evelyn Akosua, the mother of three who was evicted by her NDC landlord because of Free SHS.”

“Evelyn Akosua’s was dragged outside a room, she shares with her three children for daring to say that she will vote for NanaAkufo-Addo. She is currently at admission at a hospital”, he wrote.

” My son has just completed JSS. I told my landlord that I will vote for Nana so that he can go to school free. The last time he came to the house infuriated, asking me if I had changed my mind. When I said no, he proceeded to my room and just evicted me and my children,” Mr Nicol quoted the woman as saying.

“Upon hearing the news, i volunteered to give Evelyn who was also twelve months behind rent some cash to keep the love of NPP burning in her heart,” he wrote.

” This is just preliminary. We are planning something big. I was saddened by the callousness of the Landlord towards the children.Evelyn is going to get some gigantic and it will be announced in due course,” he said.

The Free SHS Programme was introduced by President Nana Akufo-Addo. It is a pro-poor Programme which has benefitted about 1.2 million Ghanaian children.

But the opposition NDC has been playing hot and cold over the policy, sometimes claiming to support its implementation and sometimes kicking against it.



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