Election 2020: Political Parties must meet EC to review election results- Governance Expert


A Governance Expert, Frederick Agyarko Oduro has called for wider consultation of all stakeholders in the electoral process pertaining to the current development after Wednesday, December 9, declaration of results by the EC.

Speaking to Radio Ghana, Mr. Agyarko Oduro said all parties involved in the drama must sit down with the EC to review the election results thoroughly. He said if that does not work, then any aggrieved party should use legal means to resolve the issues.

Mr. Oduro said he foresees difficult times ahead in the country’s governance system and this requires Ghanaians to put national interest above parochial interest.

A Governance Expert, Dr. Oduro Osae says all parties involved in the elections and its aftermath must be calm and resort to the legal processes to rectify issues that are emerging. He said nothing should be done to mar the beauty of Ghana’s democracy.

Dr. Oduro Osae touched on lessons that should be learnt from this year’s election for future reference.

He said the media engagements and News Conferences became one too many and it nearly distorted the electoral process and this should be looked at.


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