Women are mostly affected when there is a break up in relationships – Doctor opines


Doctor Isaac Newman Arthur, a General Medical Practitioner and Clinical Health Psychologist, shares that breaking up in relationships affects women more than men.

He believes this is because, most women actually put more in relationships than men. Women fall in love but men don’t and women are mostly serious when it comes to relationships because they have limited time.

Talking on Men’s Lounge with Nana yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana, he said, when a woman loses her virginity is really a big deal but when it happens to a man, is a normal thing. So when the relationship becomes sexually related, the lady feels she has lost more than the man.

He added that, situations like this makes moving on after a break up a very difficult thing to do for women. Most women are likely to delay moving on after break ups.

According to him, the likelihood that a woman would go into a relationship with the long lasting kind of mindset is higher than men, so when breaking up comes into the picture, all her expectations would be shuttered.

And again, both men and women, go through the same pain when suffering from broken heart or broken relationships.

“Even though both men and women go through the same pain, they both have different ways to cope with it”,

But generally women are affected the most when it comes to break ups in relationships.


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