Police close down LGBTQI office at Ashongman


The Police have closed down the recently opened office of the LGBTQI group at Ashongman in Accra.

A representative of the owner of the property, Dr. Asenso Gyambi told the Media he was unhappy with the answers given to him by the tenant who rented the house two months ago.

He said at about 7 pm yesterday, he received a text message from an undisclosed source that the house is being used for LGBTQI activities.

Some Traditional Leaders in the area have asked government to be firm in dealing with LGBTQI issues in the country.

Meanwhile, the LGBTQI Community in Ghana says their safety is being threatened as officials of National Security raided their offices today.

In a Facebook post, the Community said some traditional leaders have threatened to burn down their office.

The post said at the moment, they no longer have access to the office and their safety is being threatened. They called on human rights organizations to rally to their defense.


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