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3 effective ways to treat mouth odour naturally at home

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4 powerful ways to treat mouth odour naturally at home6 powerful ways to treat mouth odour naturally at homeBrush your teeth twice a day


We all know very well, brighter shinier teeth contribute to a healthy oral cavity. While ingestion, our teeth are responsible for chewing food. It is very common while chewing, some tiny food crumbs stick to our teeth and if they are not cleaned or brushed, it results in bad breath

The food crumbs get spoiled and also harm our gums. So it is advisable to brush your teeth twice daily, once after waking up and secondly before going to bed. Use a tongue cleaner after brushing.

It is a fact that 80% of germs reside on your tongue surface. If they are not clean, they can lead to mouth odour and its long-term carelessness can also lead to tongue-related hazardous ailments.

It is also noticed, some guys suffer from mouth odour because of sensitivity in teeth and gums. For this, they can use some mild toothpaste or can even use natural herbs like neem, eucalyptus, mint, clove, etc.

2. Flossing Once a week


Floss means to clean between your teeth using a thread. Flossing is very necessary for your teeth. These remove the entire residue trapped between teeth. It makes you feel fresh and free from oral germs.

3. Avoid tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol

The addiction to these things also contributes to halitosis. Excessive use depletes your taste buds and makes your mouth stinky. When someone is habituated to these addictions, their salivary glands get blocked and their mouth turns chapped and rough.

We know very well, saliva is responsible to keep your oral cavity moisturized and free from pathogens. It also contains enzymes that aid in digestion. When there is a lack of saliva, it becomes the appropriate atmosphere for bacterial growth.

That automatically leads to halitosis. If you are extensively addicted to these, then you should minimize it.

4. Take care of your health


It is a fact that halitosis occurs in those who are malnutrition and weak. The reason is, their body and metabolism are not capable to resist pathogens. Their immunity level is too low to help them. Because of this when bad breathing takes place our body tends to be weak.

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