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Captain Smart Arrested By Nima Police For Making Some Unsavoury Comments That Jeopardize Peace and Security.

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Blessed Godsbrain Smart, also known as Captain Smart, the host of Onua TV/morning FM’s show in Accra, has been detained by the Nima Divisional Police Command.

Captain Smart was arrested, according to the Ghana Police Service, for making “some unsavoury comments that jeopardize peace and security.”

Captain Smart called for “insurrection against the state of Ghana and its institutions” in a recent broadcast on Accra’s Onua FM, according to a separate statement from the National Media Commission (NMC).

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Captain Smart Arrested By Nima Police For Making Some Unsavoury Comments That Jeopardize Peace and Security.

According to a statement from the Ghana Police Service, Captain Smart has been cautioned for offensive behaviour conducive to breaches of the peace, as defined by section 2017 of the Criminal Act, 1960 (Act 29).

He is in arrest, according to the police, and is collaborating with the investigations.

Captain Smart was recently hired by Onua TV/FM after quitting from Angel TV, where he was under investigation for how he performed his duties.

‘You’ve turned into a war megaphone,’ NMC warns. Onua FM/TV is a radio and television station based in Onua

The National Media Commission (NMC) is upset by what it calls unprofessionalism on the part of Onua TV/management FM’s following the transmission of some unsavoury comments concerning peace and security.

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Captain Smart Arrested By Nima Police For Making Some Unsavoury Comments That Jeopardize Peace and Security.

“On the morning broadcast on Onua FM/TV, Captain Smart was heard reportedly inciting the Ghana Armed Forces against Members of Parliament and also calling on them to organize an insurrection,” the NMC said in a statement released on Thursday, December 2, 2021.

“To get to where we are now, we need a positive defiance uprising.” Even Ghana’s military astound me. You are allowed to join Parliament when MPs are being sworn in, but not when they are fooling. “Everyone in this country is quiet,” he repeated.

The media outlet “stepped the boundary of vigorous and critical programming,” according to the Commission.

It said that the radio station had become a “megaphone of war” as a result of its actions.

“A portion of your broadcast raises serious concerns for the country’s peace and security, necessitating quick regulatory action.” We are especially concerned about a recent broadcast in which ‘Captain Smart’ calls for insurgency against Ghana’s government and institutions.”

“While that particular broadcast, in and of itself, is sufficient grounds for regulatory action, we continue to believe that, given the opportunity, management might take steps to bring your content up to professional standards.” The fact that significant portions of your other program, including the news, convey that hope strengthens our conviction. We’d appreciate it if you mentioned that applying the necessary professional prudence is in your best interests,” it continued.

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