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Below are some clothing hacks that can help you everyday.

1. Using hair straightener as a collar iron. Hair straighteners can be a very good alternative for a collar iron.

2. Use shaving foam to remove makeup stains from your cloth.

3. When buying jeans, try fitting them round your neck. If it fits then the jeans is your size.

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4. Use talcum powder to remove oil stains.

5. If you have armpit odour on your dress, try using lemon juice it will take away the smell.

6. If you have a stain on your shirt, try using cold water and vinegar. It helps alot.

7. Use Vaseline to make your zip free.

8. Washing liquid can be used to remove oil stains from your cloth.

9. Put baking soda in sneakers to remove odour.

10. Try using a clear nail polish if you want to keep your buttons from falling.

11. Use a clear nail polish to tighten the hands of your glasses.

12. Try using hairspray to remove lipstick stain from your shirt.

13. If your jeans has odour, put it in the freezer to take away that odour.

14. If your sweaters are always shredding, put them in the freezer. This helps to stop the shredding.

These are few clothing hacks that can help you daily. Hope it was helpful.

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