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Counsellor Lutterodt offers some counsel for Zion Felix, who has been engaged in a baby mamas crisis.

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Baby moms, he believes, should be hidden from the public eye. “We don’t publicize if you get pregnant with a sidekick or a baby mama. So, Zion Felix, congratulations. “But, sadly, the baby mother advertisement is too prevalent in Ghana,” he remarked, before asking, “Can we end the story?”

“Whether you have two children or one child or whatever, Zion Felix, can you hide people?” he continued in a video posted online. We don’t marry a lady simply because she is the mother of our child. You are not obligated to marry a lady simply because she bears a child for you.”

The controversial conventional counselor directed some of his wrath at the bloggers’ baby mamas, calling them “fools and prostitutes” for continuing to have sex with Zion Felix, who hasn’t married any of them.

“You are a fool if you continue to have sex with a man with whom you had a child who hasn’t married you or has no intention of marrying you. Unless you’re prostitution,” he explained.

The women planted the blogger’s seed around the same time, and they’ve all delivered on time.

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