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D-Black- Shut Down GHAMRO

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D-Black, a Ghanaian hip hop singer, has stated that the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), which is responsible for collecting royalties on behalf of Ghanaian musicians, has not done so well throughout the years.

He, on the other hand, urged that the collective society be abolished to make room for the creation of a new collective society to efficiently manage the royalties system in Ghana’s creative arts sector.

The hip hop singer, who has been impressed by the music industry’s success despite its numerous problems, stated that one area that has not impressed him is the country’s royalties structure, which he believes need significant improvement.

D-Black revealed in an interview with Docta Kay on Accra100.5FM about royalties for creative artists and other issues that he had only gotten GH600 in royalties from GHRAMRO for the past five years.

He stated that if GHAMRO’s collecting method fails, the entire royalty system, in his opinion, must be revamped.

According to him, the existing orientation and purpose of GHAMRO as an organization does not ensure that Ghanaian musicians receive the best possible treatment.

He, on the other hand, chastises GHAMRO for its incapacity to properly collect royalties from radio and television stations.

“I believe GHAMRO is underperforming in terms of revenue collection, royalty disbursement, and statement preparation,” he stated.

“No one has ever received a statement from them.” That I am aware of. I haven’t done so. And, in my opinion, those institutions should be decommissioned, and a new body should be established to oversee the business of Ghana’s musicians,” he suggested.

“Royalties aren’t just for the artists; they’re for the producers, instrumentalists, songwriters, and vocalists as well,” he explained.

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