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Ekumfi Abor puberty customs for young females are beautiful and colorful.

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It was a rainbow of colors from Ekumfi Abor in the Central Region as 17 young women took part in the community’s Puberty ceremonies to launch them into adulthood in 2021.

After receiving some ceremonial and femininity training, the eligible young women of school-going age, mainly Junior High School graduates, were paraded around the streets of Ekumfi Abor against a backdrop of drumming, music, and dancing.

For the parade, they were adorned with jewels, colorful hair scarves, headgears braided with three hair scarves, African beads, and traditional sandals.

The ceremonies (Bragor in Fante language) held on September 3 are part of the Chiefs and People of Ekumfi Abor’s “Homecoming” activities.

‘Homecoming’ is a Chiefs initiative to bring back inhabitants of Ekumfi Abor from far and wide in order to generate finances to help the community’s growth, which also happens to provide a portion of the pineapple required by the Ekumfi Juice Factory.

The procedures that the younger women went through were in accordance with Fante culture, and the people of Abor value this event since it exposes the young women to good morals that will aid them in their upbringing and adulthood.

“Aside from the expectation that younger women remain virgins prior to the Puberty ceremonies, it is a taboo for women to marry or become pregnant before having completed adulthood initiation.

“The purpose of the rites is to help the young ladies of Abor grow up as disciplined adults with control over their sexual inclination, in order to avoid premature pregnancy and unwanted babies,” stated the queen mother, Nana Araba Arhinfuwa III.

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