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Fearing that the COVID vaccine may cause them to vote for the NPP, the Krobos have rejected it.

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The Upper Manya Krobo District Health Directorate has expressed concern about low vaccination coverage for Covid-19 in the district due to widespread misunderstandings.

By the end of this year, the Health Directorate expects to have vaccinated roughly fifty thousand, one hundred and four (50,104) persons in the district, but just 282 have been fully immunized since the vaccine campaign began.

Approximately 820 people who received the first dose are hesitant to receive the second.

The fact that there is misinformation that the ruling New Patriotic Party government wants to use the vaccine to change the minds of the electorate in the district to vote for the NPP in 2024 and subsequent elections, according to the District Health Director, Esther Dua Oyinka, is one of the reasons for the high hesitancy in the district.

The opposition National Democratic Congress has a stronghold in Upper Manya Krobo (NDC).

The district is made up of numerous farming communities, with the majority of the population being farmers with a high prevalence of illiteracy.

The District Health Director, on the other hand, adds that sensitization and awareness-raising efforts have been stepped up to debunk growing misconceptions about the vaccine and encourage citizens to get inoculated.

The Health Director stated that she intends to use the Farmers Day celebration to receive her second dosage of the vaccine to demonstrate that the vaccine is safe and has no side effects.

To ensure the implementation of an obligatory vaccination program from January next year, the Ministry of Health has designated December as Vaccination Month.

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