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“I cheated on my husband & enjoyed it” – Woman brags

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According to the Nigerian woman, the adulterous act “was so much fun” that she feels it’s “a new calling in life”.

The woman who revealed in a letter to relationship consultant, Joro Olumofin has instructed other women to simulate her footstep, declaring “all men and women are equal”, so “cheating should be balanced too”.

In the statement that Joro published on Instagram, the woman moved further to instruct other women who might prefer to do as she engages to prioritize their safety by using condoms or assess their partners to guarantee they are not having any Sexually Transmitted diseases.

“I cheated on my husband and I enjoyed it so much. Now I know why men love cheating, it was so much fun.

“Like it was like a new experience and an excursion. I love the thrill of it. Now I know why men love to cheat, that feeling like I have a secret and he doesn’t know.

“I am happy and I found a new calling in life.

“Feminist: All men and women are equal. Cheating should be equal too. Use CD sha. Or test your cheating partner God bless,” the unidentified woman wrote.

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"I cheated on my husband & enjoyed it" - Woman brags
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