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I will not rule out the return of Messi and Iniesta -Joan Laporta

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The head of the Blaugrana beams as he greets the Brazilian back to the club where he earned his reputation and helped them win several trophies. He was presented to a crowd of nearly 10,000 Barcelona fans at Camp Nou.

“Thank you for returning,” Laporta said to Dani Alves. “Dani, we’ll do it again. It’s a day full with feelings that you’ve felt since you first arrived in Barcelona.

“Alves is a self-made man who has fought, possesses talent, and leaves his mark on everyone he meets.

“He holds the record for the most titles won by a single player in history. He expressed an interest in returning to assist the newly constituted team.

“He is physically endowed. I recall him telling me the first time he visited here that when he was younger, he used to walk or run 20 kilometers to get to school.

“He’s a competitive person, and he instills it in the team.”

After that, Laporta teased fans with some thrilling news, stating that the return of Andres Iniesta or Leo Messi, or possibly both, was not ruled out.

“I don’t rule it out,” he remarked when asked if Iniesta and Messi will return.

“With Dani, it’s occurred. And I want to thank him for coming to help since he has observed the club’s plight,” he added.

“I also like his cost-cutting efforts. We’ll rectify the situation, but he’s already made the effort. It has to be acknowledged.

“These are the individuals who have contributed to the success of the club. I cannot anticipate the future because Messi and Iniesta are still playing, but they have made the club great, and we always keep them in mind, even though they currently have contracts with other clubs, which you must respect, but life is unpredictable.”

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