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I’m Not Going to Wear Mini-Skirts Anymore. I’m Not Sleeping With Other People’s Husbands – Moesha

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Many people have been moved to tears by a leaked audio tape of Ayisha Modi and Moesha. Moesha discusses her new life in the audio.

This is the first time Moesha’s voice has been heard since her near-suicide due to a mental breakdown.
In contrast to her strange mumblings soon before she was hauled away to treatment, Moesha sounded pleasant and relaxed.

Below is a transcript of the audio:
Pray for me, Ayisha. I’ve arrived, and they’re hoping for the best. However, I have a strong desire for chicken and sausage. I also want goat meat for tomorrow. God told me to tell you, Ayisha, that you are spoiling me too much. Please continue to spoil me. Okay, when I receive the money, I’ll get you a biscuit and some Fanta. I am now impoverished. I don’t have any money, but I will shortly. When I go out, I’m going to do God’s work. Are you going to follow me, Ayisha?

Thank you so much, Aiysha. I wanted to bring a smile to your face. I know you’ve been thinking about me and praying for me. God should bestow insight, understanding, and discernment onto you. Solomon prayed to God for guidance. Your heart has been hardened. Relax and unwind. Do you understand why you’re so abrasive? It’s because you have the same feelings for everyone. When you don’t anticipate them to behave in a certain way. Then it hurts, but take it slowly.

You see, you and I fought over Daddy while you were bringing him into my life. Remember that I said no, no, and no. You didn’t waste any time. You should have spent more time explaining things to me. Please take your time when giving me advice. I’d like your opinion, but please take your time.

Inform them that I spoke with Moesha and she is fine. Don’t chastise those who talk about me. Simply tell them you’ll leave it to God. She’s my daughter, and she’s been saved by God. Stop talking about my daughter from now on. She will emerge soon to carry out God’s will. I’ll accompany her to share the gospel when she arrives. My daughter, don’t be concerned. God desires to use her for His purposes. Tell them that Moesha will not go straight into hard-core ministry when she arrives. She would begin slowly.

I am now a born again Christian… I’m going to church and doing nicely. I’m not going to wear miniskirts again. I’m not going to sleep with other people’s husbands again. My body has become the Lord’s temple. I’m not going to give it to anyone else… Allow them to insult me. We’ll say a prayer for them… Ayisha, I adore you to death. I’m looking forward to seeing you and hugging you.

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