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“Imagine being Mr Bean’s daughter… what a nightmare!” -Fabiola Baglieri on TikTok

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So it came as a surprise to Fabiola Baglieri when she was given the nickname “Mr Bean’s daughter.”

“Imagine being Mr Bean’s daughter… what a nightmare!” she wrote in a TikTok video that was made without make-up.

Instead of accepting the comparison, Fabiola has taken to sharing films of her extraordinary makeovers on the social media site, with the transformations being so amazing that males have begun to comment that the videos have made them distrustful of women.

“I’m wearing 300 percent make-up!” Make-up works wonders! One guy said, “I can’t trust girls!” Fabiola used the remark as the inspiration for another TikTok video in which she turned herself from plain and make-up-free to a gorgeous, red lipstick-wearing stunner.

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"Imagine being Mr Bean's daughter… what a nightmare!" -Fabiola Baglieri on TikTok

“Guys often say they can’t trust how girls appear if they wear make-up, yet are the first to urge you should wear make-up,” one user remarked in response to the video.

“I’m baffled as to how they didn’t notice!” another has been added. “She’s stunning both with and without make-up.” We don’t all need make-up to feel confident. It’s a form of art for some of us. She’s a natural born performer. Respect!”

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"Imagine being Mr Bean's daughter… what a nightmare!" -Fabiola Baglieri on TikTok

Others pointed out that in the pre-transformation video, Fabiola appeared to be wearing make-up to make herself look worse, with one commenting, “I don’t get what people don’t grasp.” She uses make-up to make herself appear ‘terrible,’ then dresses up for the dramatic after photo. She has a natural beauty.”

“A fantastic instance of how make-up enhances rather than alters your looks,” one person claimed.

Source: The Sun

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