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Tomatoes has alot of benefits. It is also very good for the skin. It has lots of healing properties for the skin. It also helps to make the skin look fresh and younger. Below are some importance of tomatoes to the skin.

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1. They help to treat open pores. Tomatoes are very good in treating open pores in the skin. To do this all you have to do is mix some drops of tomato juice with water and use it to massage your skin or you can dip it in cotton wool to use it to clean your skin.

2. They help to make the skin glow. Tomatoes are very good when it comes to making the skin glow. They help to revive the skin and give it a very fresh and young look. It also contains vitamin c which is very good for the skin and is known to brighten the skin.

3. Prevents signs of ageing. Tomatoes helps to prevent signs of ageing. Due to its properties, it helps to make the skin look younger and prevent any sign of ageing.

4. Acts as a natural sunscreen. Tomatoes contains a natural antioxidant which helps to protect the skin against sun and act as a natural sunscreen.

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