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In Ada East, AstraZeneca will be given to 4,000 people.

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In an interview with the Ghana News Agency over the weekend, Mr Prince Bawuah, District Disease Control Officer, said that almost 4,000 persons are anticipated to receive the AstraZeneca Vaccine in four centers in the Ada East District.

Ada East District Hospital, Ada Health Centre, Kasseh Health Centre, and Pediatokope Health Centre are the designated centers.

Mr Bawuah stated that 20 health officials have been dispatched to administer the vaccinations to the locals, noting that the Ada East District has a population of 50,294 persons who need to be vaccinated.

He explained that vaccination is a progressive activity, and that everyone should participate and get vaccinated.

He said the district expected roughly 3,580 people to get the vaccine from September 24 to 28, but that the number of days could be extended if more people show up.

“The vaccination was distributed based on what was available nationwide,” he continued.

He stated that in order to provide optimal protection, at least 90% of the population must be vaccinated in order to prevent the disease from spreading. “This is not the end; there are additional vaccination exercises in the works, and I am hopeful that the upcoming ones will assist us with accounting for everyone,” he said.

He urged the public to come out in large numbers to obtain the vaccine and to continue to follow the COVID-19 protocols, as both were required to deal with the diseases peacefully.

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