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Jim Iyk confesses to sleeping under a bed to avoid being arrested by an army general whose daughter he dated.

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Jim Iyk, a well-known Nigerian actor, has revealed how he was almost apprehended in a woman’s room by an Army General. According to him, when he was in university, the Army General was a parent to his girlfriend and mysteriously stormed the daughter’s room when they were still having fun.

Jim Iyk said the meeting was one he’ll never forget, and that the only place he could hide from the Army General was beneath his girlfriend’s bed. He claimed that he had every reason to be afraid of his father because he arrived at an unusual hour.

Jim Iyk revealed in an interview with Angel FM that he believes his girlfriend’s father [Army General] was tipped off about his presence, and that they never suspected his return to the house at such an hour. He informed the Army General that he was due for an assignment in the United Kingdom, but he quickly returned to the daughter’s chamber to warn her about something they had been doing for a long time.
Jim Iyk went on to say that he had to hold his breath lest he laugh and expose himself to his father, who was surely suspicious of a stranger in his daughter’s room.

“Is he asking if you’re a virgin?” He was urging her not to do what we’d been doing on the bed,” he explained.

When Jim Iyk escaped the scenario, he stated that he swore he would never fall for that type of behavior again. A query from the host prompted this story about her worst sexual experience.

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