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Lady goes berserk as she nabs her boyfriend cheating with her best friend [Video]

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A young lady who couldn’t stand the pain of losing her boyfriend the hard way created a scene at a restaurant after she nabbed the guy cheating on her with her best friend.


The lady who probably trusted her man and best friend was caught in the web when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend.


In a video circulating online, she could be heard yelling at top of her voice while pacing and jumping inside the eatery.





Her boyfriend who could sense the lady’s anger and the tension that was building up tried to calm her down but it provoked her even more and she started hitting him.


The girlfriend then climbed the furniture in the restaurant to draw more attention to herself and what the guy has been doing behind her.




As she was doing this, her best friend who was caught with the boyfriend remained in her seat and just continued operating her phone.


Her consistent screams and drama had to be contained by the security of the restaurant who drove her away from the place.


Video below;


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