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Lady narrates how she fell in love with her twin brother and ‘did things’ with him, reveals who should be blamed

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A lady who has madly fallen in love with her twin brother has shed light on her abominable affair in a post she shared on social media.

The unidentified woman said for now she can’t see herself detaching from her brother and loving another man.


She blamed the parenting style of her parents for the situation, saying the penchant of their parents to always keep them indoors blossomed their forbidden romance.

In her words;

“I fell in love with my twin brother the moment our parents started keeping us indoors inside a room whenever we came back from school.

Then we started kissing and doing a lot of things and stuffs whenever we are both in the room. We were living like a couple.

I can’t find myself dating another man because I am madly in love with my twin brother. I am going to marry him irrespective of what people think or would say.”

See reactions trailing her post below;


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