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Lydia Forson claps back at troll who tried to body shame her, “That’s my pus.sy, clearly you’ve never had any”

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Lydia Forson, a Ghanaian actress, stayed firm after a troll attempted to body shame her after she posted fresh images on social media.

Lydia Forson started it all by posting new images on Twitter while dressed in a lovely white overall. She captioned the photographs, “you never run into your ex when you look beautiful,” a sly dig at whoever her ex is.

A troll with the username@khophis bilo rapidly zoomed out one of the photographs with the intention of body shaming the actress for showing a sensitive region of her body due to the design of the garment in that area.

But it didn’t work. Lydia Forson, an unabashed feminist, would not have it. She responded to the troll by naming the sensitive spot and going on to remark that the troll is probably infatuated since he has never tasted it.

The only reason the troll zoomed out on that area and shared it to body shame Lydia Forson was because he was sex-starved and had never tasted the sweet honeypot on any lady, according to Lydia Forson.

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