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Mahama’s brother is robbing poor farmers, according to the Agriculture Minister.

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Former President John Mahama’s brother, according to Agriculture Minister Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, is taking government-subsidized fertilizers destined for smallholder farmers in Ghana.

According to the minister, John Mahama’s brother has found a method to benefit from the government’s subsidised fertilizers intended for smallholder farmers, despite the fact that he is involved in large-scale or commercial farming.

The Minister clarified that the subsidised fertilizers are intended for impoverished farmers with 2 or 3-acre farms, not commercial farmers with 300 acres who can gather funds to buy fertilizer for their property.

“For God’s sake, the subsidies are for farmers with 2, 3 acres, which is the majority of smallholders. So he scrounged on poor farmers to begin with, if he could accomplish 300 acres with subsidised fertilizer,” Dr. Akoto told Evans Mensah on Joynews PM Express.

Former President Mahama had claimed that the country was on the verge of a food shortage, which the Agriculture Minister refuted.

“As a result, what Mr Mahama claims cannot be accurate. In any case, we’re dealing with billions of farmers. To draw that conclusion based on a single observation shows he has no idea about statistics.”

This came after the former President claimed that Ghana will most likely face a food scarcity next year as a result of the government’s flagship Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) program’s failure.

According to Mr. Manama, his brother, who cultivates a 300-acre farm, is no longer receiving government-subsidized fertilizer, which has reduced his output by reducing his farm size to 80 acres. As a result, the government should invest more capital in its flagship Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) program so that his brother can continue to receive government subsidies.

“My brother is a farmer, and he tells me that he hasn’t received any fertilizers from the government this year, so he had to buy his own, and a bag of fertiliser is quite expensive. In a typical year, he cultivates 300 acres of corn.

“However, he had to lower it this year since he couldn’t cultivate even 80 acres. As a result of the failure of the Planting for Food and Jobs Program, there is a risk of food shortages next year,” the former President revealed how his brother benefits off the country’s poor farmers.

Mahama’s brother is only’stealing’ from the impoverished farmer, according to the Agriculture Minister.

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