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Mary Ghansah: Gospel Music Isn’t Charity Work

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Gospel artists have differing views on whether or not they should profit monetarily from what they perform.
While one school of thought thinks that what they do is to spread the message of God and hence should not be compensated, others argue that they invest time, money, and effort into their trade and therefore deserve to be compensated.

Mary Ghansah, a veteran Gospel musician, has also expressed her thoughts on the subject, stating that the Gospel music industry should not be viewed as a form of charity work.

One significant element that people were missing, according to her, was that the Gospel music industry was a source of jobs.

“There is the fact that you are doing God’s work, but there is also the fact that you are a source of revenue and employment.” What we have failed to recognize is that the Gospel industry has rescued a large number of individuals off the streets.

“For some, being an organist, a producer, a backing vocalist, and so on is their sole source of income. When it comes to the artists, it is helping and has helped a lot of people; some Gospel artists do not do anything else but honoring programs to perform, and it is not out of place if they receive money from it.

“However, this does not alter the fact that it is not available to everyone.” “You must have a calling, you must comprehend the work and the cause for which you are doing Gospel, and then the rest will fall into place,” she previously told Graphic Showbiz.

She also remarked that earning money for one’s skill was not a problem for gospel musicians. “People should live by their actions, so I don’t see anything wrong with a Gospel singer using the proceeds from his or her songs to purchase vehicles and other items.”

“In fact, we are the ones who require these things because we do the majority of the work, we work with people’s souls, and the Bible even states that we should live by what we do,” she explained.

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