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There are some things that married men do to their wives that are not supposed to be done. These things tend to be very annoying to women. Below are some of the things that married men do to their wives which they are not supposed to do.

1. Criticizing your wife especially when she made a mistake. Men are fond of criticizing their wives especially when they made a mistake. You should avoid criticizing your wife as this may make her feel insecure around you and may also make her feel like you do not like her. When she makes a mistake or does something that you do not like, you should correct or tell her in a calm way and not make fun of her. This way she will respect and love you more.

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2. Not spending time with her. Marriage is a life long commitment and you need to spend time together so that you will bond well. Married people need to spend time with each other so that they will get used to themselves and the love between them will grow. No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to bond with your wife.

3. Talking without thinking. This is another mistake that married men make. They talk without thinking and do not even care whether what they say may affect their wives. As a married man, you should learn to always think before you talk no matter how angry you are.

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