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Oboy Siki to Mark Okraku Mantey: Stop Organizing Ineffective Workshops.

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Kumawood is very popular. Actor Dada Santo, also known as Oboy Siki, has requested Mark Okraku Mantey, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, to pay attention to the welfare of actors and actresses and to stop holding workshops. 

Because they have no one to rely on, some seasoned actors and actresses, as well as artists, have come out openly to ask for help. 

Due to a lack of help from industry executives, several people have died in their dreadful conditions. 

On Kumasi’s Angel FM, Oboy Siki talked.

Oboy Siki noted that as someone who has worked in the Creative Arts field, the Deputy Minister should know better than to merely organize workshops for industry participants.

He said that the sector minister and his deputy held a series of workshops that had no good impact on the industry’s wellbeing.

“They will wait for an actor, actress, or musician to come out and ask for money before contributing to the person’s support, and some will not even receive it,” Oboy Siki added.

“Nobody will come out to ask for money if the Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture put measures in place to improve the welfare of the Industry players,” he continued.

“Mark Okraku Mantey has been in the sector for a long time, but since he was appointed as Deputy Minister, all he knows is holding workshops without worrying about the welfare of the industry players,” he bemoaned.

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