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Pornhub Reveals What Their Users Enjoy Watching

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Hentai porn is currently the most searched term on the XXX site worldwide, ranking first in the United States and third in the United Kingdom.

Adult anime and manga resources, of which hundreds of thousands are hosted on the platform, are referred to as “adult anime and manga.”
Dr. Laurie Betito, head of Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, remarked, “Cartoons are more imaginative than conventional porn.”
“Because it isn’t real, it can go further and with less restrictions than reality.”
Hentai porn also has more of a tale, and people appear to be drawn to context more and more.”

Romance is ranked second, followed by group sex, fitness, swapping, challenge, transgender, goth, roommate, and ‘how to.’
In its annual Year In Review report, the well-known adult portal highlighted the patterns.

According to data from the previous year, the United Kingdom has surpassed Japan as the site’s second-largest visitor, while the United States remains the site’s top visitor.
On Pornhub, the average user from the United Kingdom spends 9 minutes and 52 seconds, compared to 9 minutes and 44 seconds in the United States.
Despite hentai’s tremendous development, lesbian and milf searches are still the most popular among Brits.
For Americans, though, hentai takes the top rank, followed by lesbians.

Lana Rhoades was the most-searched pornstar on Pornhub, followed by Abella Danger, who maintained her second rank.

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