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There are some reasons why women cheat. Most times it is because they are not getting enough attention from their partner or it can be for some other reasons. Below are some reasons why women cheat.

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1. Lack of attention. This is one of the reasons why women cheat. Women like to get enough attention so when they are not getting it from their partner they tend to look for it somewhere else and this might result to them cheating.

2. For revenge. Another reason why women cheat is because they want to get back at their partner. If they found out that their partner is cheating on them they can decide to revenge by cheating back on their partner. However this is not good and should be completely avoided.

3. Lack of satisfaction. This is another reason why women cheat. When a woman is not satisfied with her partners performance in the bedroom, she tends to go out to look for other people who will satisfy her urge.

4. Physical attraction. Another reason why women cheat is that they are physically attracted to some other person. Maybe if they get to meet someone who they tend to be attracted to then they might end up cheating on you.

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