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Sadiq Threatens To Beat Shatta Wale

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The conflict between Shatta Wale and Sadiq Abdulai Abu, the CEO of 3Music Awards, has taken a new turn, with the CEO threatening to physically touch the controversial dancehall act.

“If I see you in person, yeah…
In a recorded recording that has gone viral, a person claiming to be Sadiq said, “You wale I will (will) beat you.”

The audio is a phone call in which Shatta Wale and another individual, whom Shatta Wale referred to as Leslie in the recording, can be heard.

Shatta Wale took a swipe at #FixTheCountry activists to mend themselves, and Shatta and Sadiq don’t seem to agree on anything lately.
The most recent incident occurred last week, when Sadiq chastised Shatta Wale for giving musicians advise on the types of music videos they should shoot.

“Keep shooting music videos like you want to fight Jay Z,” Shatta stated in a Facebook post. One day, you’ll wake up and wonder how I got so rich. And here’s what I’m going to tell you.”

Sadiq, who was designated as one of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) spokespersons on Creative Arts ahead of the 2020 General Elections, submitted a message into the broadcast to argue with Shatta while the role was being discussed on Hitz Fm’s Daybreak morning show.

“Wale is constantly making false arguments and going around in circles,” he wrote. Who says you can’t tell how much money a song or video makes these days? It’s shocking how long these kinds of stories are allowed to fester.”
Shatta, who has also endorsed President Akufo-Addo ahead of the 2020 elections, retaliated with a few shots when Sadiq criticized him.

Shatta further went on to disparage Sadiq’s 3music awards, claiming that the 11 accolades he received in 2019 were not because he deserved them, but rather because Sadiq was enraged by other artists Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

On Tuesday, Sadiq responded to the claim by saying it wasn’t “true.”
“Regardless of my opinion of Stonebwoy or Sarkodie, I would never have a problem with them. But, as everyone knows, Shatta Wale has a knack of silencing people up in order to attack them.

“He’s done it to his own management; the end result is clear. “This is not true,” he stated, referring to a typical Shatta Wale performance.

He further stated that he did not deal directly with the musician, instead engaging Shatta Wale’s management.
“It’s interesting to note that throughout all the years I’ve known Shatta Wale, I’ve never engaged with him directly in any fashion.

I’ve dealt with Shatta Wale before, either through Hulio or Bulldog, or to a lesser extent Leslie of Fantasy Dome, so Shatta knows this will never be the chase, but I understand.

“In the last few days, I have taken deference against him on a critical subject regarding industry and Shatta’s life, and as we all know, Shatta is like that; if you disagree with him, he usually comes back with something,” he added.

Things got a little tangled when Shatta was summoned to defend Sadique’s claims over the phone.
On the radio, the two had an exchange in which one made further charges and the other denied them. Shatta revealed that he contacted 3music awards investors to listen to Sadiq’s lies on the radio.

Shatta, on the other hand, was enraged when Sadiq refused to visit him at his home on several times. Sadiq then admitted that he did visit Shatta Wale’s house twice, but only after the awards, and that he met the musician when he arrived to prepare for the event.
Shatta also revealed that the CEO of the 3Music Awards threatened his life, and he has voice recordings to prove it.

After after, the audio recording began to spread on social media. Tuesday, to be precise.
Leslie, who is said to be Shatta’s and Sadiq’s common buddy, sought to settle their feud by placing them on a conference call, according to the leaked recording. He desired for them to come to an understanding.

Sadiq, on the other hand, must apologize to Shatta, according to Shatta. He didn’t understand why Sadiq insulted him on his Facebook page, he claimed.
Sadiq, on the other hand, asked Shatta if he forgot about politics in his statement.

“You and who dey dey do politics?” Shatta replied in pidgin English. You don’t get it, Sadiq? “Do you hear what I’m saying?”

Sadiq began to sound irritated at this point. “You Dey craze huh, Ebi me you Dey talk to like that….if I see you physically huh… “You Wale, I’m going to beat you,” he snarled at a fellow tantrum thrower.

Shatta, who recently recruited a group of youngsters to beat up on a road builder, told him that he had only threatened his life and that he enjoyed it that way, so he should keep talking.

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