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Caffeine is a substance used to keep someone alert and prevent sleep. Many people use caffeine for different purposes. However, too much of caffeine has alot of side effects. Below are some harmful effects of taking too much caffeine.


Anxiety is a state of restlessness and uneasiness. When you take caffeine to prevent sleep, your body does not get enough sleep which it deserves and this affects you and can make you to be restless.



Insomnia is a state whereby you are not able to sleep when you are supposed to sleep. Too much of caffeine can lead to insomnia this is because the body has gotten used to staying awake when you take caffeine so, even if you do not take it, your body will still not be able to allow you sleep because you have trained your body to be that way.


When you take too much caffeine, it makes you to get addicted to it. This is because your body is now used to it and so you might not be able to function if you do not take it.


Taking too much of caffeine can lead to fatigue. This is because the body is not getting enough rest which it is supposed to get and so this makes you tired later on.


Too much of caffeine can make you have frequent headaches. This is because your body is not getting enough rest so, your body tends to react to the lack of sleep which can then result to frequent headaches.

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