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There are ways men use to know a needy or desperate woman. There are certain things a lady does that makes her appear needy and desperate. Below are some signs of a needy or desperate woman.

1. You let him decide everything. When on a date and you let him decide everything, from the food to the drinks and everything it may look like you are needy and desperate. Men also find this very annoying. When on a date you should try to bring up ideas and contribute too.

2. You ask for another date. This is another sign of a desperate woman. After a date if you are the one to ask for another date even without him confirming another date with you, you may appear desperate. You should always wait for him to confirm dates with you not you asking or suggesting another date with him.

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3. You are stalking him on social media. If after a date, you begin to follow him in all social media platforms and like all his pictures, that may make you look desperate and needy.

4. You are always available whenever he calls. If whenever he wants to see you, you are always available and ready it may make you look desperate and needy. Once in a while you have to act busy and do not always be available whenever he calls.

5. You let him in on your personal life so soon. If you just met him or you are on a first date with him and you tell him all about yourself including your past relationship, you life problems and all you may look desperate.

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