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Toxic refers to something that is harmful to somebody. A to if partner is one whose behaviors are harmful and disturbing to the other partner. There are some characteristics and ways used to know if a partner is toxic. Below are some signs of a toxic partner.

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1. Being excessively jealous. One sign of a toxic partner is that they are always excessively jealous. They never want to see another person around the person they love it makes them very jealous.

2. Obsession. Another sign of a toxic partner is that they are obsessed. Being in love with someone is different from being obsessed. When a partner is obsessed with you it may be very annoying and uncomfortable.

3. Controlling. This is another sign of a toxic partner. A toxic partner is always very controlling. They always want things to go their own way and so they force you or manipulate you to do things they way that they want it. This is not very healthy and can be really annoying.

4. Lack of trust. This is another sign of a toxic partner. They never trust their partners. Couples are meant to trust each other but toxic ones would never trust you. They will suspect your every move in the relationship and this could be worse if you have broken the trust before.

5. Always lying. This is another sign of a toxic partner. They always tell lies and are also very good at it. They lie in such a way that it would be very hard to tell when they are lying.

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