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Sisa Flatela finally breaks her silence after her kuku photo went viral (watch)

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Now, the name Sisa Flatela is probably one of the most searched names in South Africa in the past week and we all know the reason why.


If you still do not have any idea why Sisa Flatela trending , then you about to, but people are obviously not going to react the same after finding out what she has been trending for.

So, a few days ago, it was alleged that the YouTuber had dropped a picture of Sisa Flatela kuku and social media went crazy after that.


The unfortunate thing about all of this is that, people have called her all sorts of names, she probably have been thinking about what she is going to do next.


Now, she probably regrets everything, but the social media streets have made it clear that they do not care about how she feels. There is a video that was posted yesterday on a Twitter account that is said to belong the YouTuber.


In the Sisa Flatela video, one can clearly see she is having herself a good time, she is at some restaurant and she is drinking what seems to be juice. One can tell that she does a lot of vlogging, she even has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself in different places.

Another thing that people might have realised is that, she is a traveler, she just has things going well for herself, and if that is the case, then what could have been the reasoning behind what she did?


Surely, she is the only who can tell more about this, so in the video she took at the restaurant, she is goofing around and there is a part where she mentions the she is embarrassed, which led to people thinking that this might be a recent video and she is embarrassed that she is trending because of the picture of the privαtɛ pαrt.

Watch the video:


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