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Sister Derby on why she avoided church: ‘I prayed constantly yet failed Elective Maths.’

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The ‘African Mermaid’ singer revealed in a new interview that one thing that helped her understand that church isn’t as vital as she formerly thought is those personal efforts bring better outcomes than relying on prayers.

“I feel the church was founded by man to control people,” she stated in a media interview, recalling how she relied on the church but failed her Chemistry and Elective Mathematics courses in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

“I’ve squandered so much time in the Chapel praying to God to help me pass my exam, forgetting that I won’t pass unless I learn.” She advised, “Don’t leave everything to God; if you’re lazy, he won’t help you.”

“I couldn’t finish my work despite spending a lot of time in the Chapel,” she continued, “so I don’t think I need it,” she added. “It’s not fun for me and it deters me.”

Sister Derby acknowledges that her statement will appear serious to “very Christian” individuals, but she believes she is more Christ-like than the “so-called Christians.”

Sister Derby claims that, although she does not attend church and has no need for it, she is better than most Christians in terms of how they treat their neighbours and the environment. She claims that her love for nature and the environment demonstrates that she leads a holy lifestyle.

“How many Christians will do that?” she asked rhetorically in a report by 3news.com. “I know the right thing, I don’t drop my waste until I get a bin, I try my best to help people even if I don’t have the means, how many Christians will do that?”

“Church is simply not fun because you will have to spend so many hours praying for just one thing,” Sister Derby said.

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