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There are some things that married men do that should not be so. As a married man, you should avoid doing some things as this may end up causing problems for you. Below we things you should avoid doing as married man.

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1. Beating your wife. This is one very big mistake that you should avoid as husbands. You should never lay your hands on your wife. She is your wife and not your prisoner. It is a very big mistake to beat your wife no matter how angry you are. Beating her can result to three things. One is either she ends up in the hospital brutally injured. Two is that she might leave you because some women can not stand domestic violence no matter how much she loves you. Three is that you might end up killing her in the process. So, you should completely avoid this.

2. Cheating. This is another mistake that married men should avoid. You should not cheat on your wife. You are supposed to be loyal and faithful to her no matter what. Also, you cheating on your wife can make you contact some diseases and you may end up passing it to your wife.

3. Spending most of your time with your side chick. It all boils down to cheating. You should not cheat on her and also you should avoid spending most of your time with your side chick. Doing this can make your wife feel very bad and she might end up leaving you.

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