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Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man, has chosen his ideal UEFA Champions League final.

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Tom Holland made a revelation to Marvel fans and the rest of the globe while promoting his new film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. He disclosed his footballing inclinations, giving people something else to talk about besides his impending Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

The 25-year-old actor arrived at the sports portion of his shopping list while participating in the “Shopping Spree” chapter of the American magazine GW. It included tickets to a UEFA Champions League final, which he quickly added to his cart as a huge admirer of the sport.

When asked who his ideal opponents for the Champions League final night would be, Holland immediately chose Tottenham Hotspur. He confessed to being a supporter of the North London club. He also named Brentford as a possible opponent for Spurs, citing his uncle’s affinity for the club.

Spurs fans will be happy to hear this. If the actor hadn’t made another statement to turn the moment into a bittersweet event, Spurs fans would have been overjoyed. Despite being a long-time supporter of the club, Holland believes Spurs will lose in his dream Champions League final against Brentford. To be clear, it’s not a vote of confidence in his team.

Spurs have only won one of their last four league games, and their form is deteriorating. They are barely keeping their place in the Premier League’s top ten. Spurs are in dismal form and will need a boost in the coming fixtures, despite the actor’s remarks being a bit of an exaggeration.

Next up for Antonio Conte’s side is a home match against Leeds United, who will be hoping for a turnaround now that they have a new manager in charge.

Antonio Conte has been named as Tottenham’s new manager. With a run of wins in the domestic league, Tim Sherwood feels they may now snare a Champions League berth.

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