Twene Jonas is reportedly on the run from New York Police over allegedly using a fake document to work.

Hopeson Adorye, who is in the United States as part of Nana Addo’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly’s 76th Session, claims to have visited Jonas’ house in New York and can confirm that he has been fired.

“Where is Twene Jonas, I visited his employment after coming here, not knowing he had been fired,” Hopeson stated in a Facebook video. “Twene Jonas or will come on air to challenge me?” he continued.

“I’ve gone to Queens, unaware that you live with a pastor who has partitioned his hall with plywood to build a small cubicle for you to sleep within, yet you’ve been bragging on social media like this,” he continued.

Twene Jonas lost his car park employment because he was using someone else’s papers to work, according to Hopeson Adorye, the convener of the Fixing The Country Movement, which opposes Fix The Country protestors.

He alleges that Jonas has been unable to return home for the past 5 days because the police are keeping an eye on him in the hopes of arresting him and deporting him.

The social media broadcaster and political detractors, on the other hand, have yet to directly reply to the charges. “I attribute my achievement to this: I never gave up or took any excuse,” he posted beside a photo of himself on social media.

He went on to say that “I’m having a blast with my new iPhone 13 Pro Max! On Earth, life is good Didi free smoothie shit Glass Nkoaa Hw3 fom We are in charge of the city “..

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