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Watch: A lady drags her bʋttocks down the street to curse her ex-boyfriend.

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Aside from domestic violence, another major issue with some African ladies is that they are quick to curse their husbands over trivial matters.

When you hear some ladies curse men they once claimed to love and have fun with, you start to wonder what happened.
On social media, a video of a lady who has gone half-naked and is dragging her bʋttocks through the streets cursing her boyfriend has surfaced.

To give spiritual credence to her action, the lady communicated her pain by sitting on the floor with her bare buttocks.

The lady used the medium to vent her frustration, tears in her eyes and a heart full of deep-seated animosity for the man who may have taken her for a ride.

‘You thought I was a fool, you will never see peace,’ she could be heard saying. You’ll never catch me off guard.” After she finished the spiritual exercise, she put her pants back on.

According to local customs, when a lady goes naked and drags her buttocks on the floor, the curse she pronounces becomes irreversible and has dire consequences for the life of those it may concern.


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