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Watch: Friends take a dead man out of his coffin for one last motor ride

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Friends of a deceased man decided to pay their final respects to him in an unusual manner. They decided to take him out of his coffin and ride on his body on the back of a motorcycle. The incident occurred last Monday (29), in Portoviejo, the capital of the province of Manab in northwest Ecuador.

Sandy Cedeo Menéndez, 21, was the victim. He was allegedly murdered the day before while attending the funeral of one of his family members. Sandy had several criminal records in Ecuador, according to the Manta Code portal.

The moment Sandy’s body is removed from her coffin and placed on the back of a motorcycle can be seen in the video. Sandy’s body is sandwiched between two motorcycles, one of which is being ridden by one of her friends and the other of which is being ridden by another.

Friends Take A Dead Man Out Of His Coffin For One Last Motor Ride

The men ride their motorcycles out for a “last ride” with their friend, accompanied by another group of motorcyclists. According to the Manta Code portal, Sandy’s friends had poured alcohol and marijuana over her coffin.

The men would be drunk by the time they got Sandy out of the coffin, according to the news. Soon after, the man’s body was returned to the coffin and buried.

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