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Earning your partners respect should be something that everyone in a relationship would want to work towards. Respect is very important in any relationship so we should all work towards earning our partners respect. Below are few ways which you can earn your partners respect.

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1. Never ask for respect. Respect is something that is warned and not gotten through force or any other means. You should avoid begging or asking or forcing someone to respect you, if you do this you might end up not getting that person’s respect. Instead what you should do is work towards earning that respect.

2. You should learn to respect your partner. If you want your partner to respect you then you should respect your partner. Remember what you sow is what you reap. Once your partner notices that you respect them, they will try to reciprocate that respect you have for them.

3. Always keep your promises. This is another way to get your partners respect. If you want your partner to respect you then you should learn to keep to your words. No one would respect a person who does not always keep to whatever he says.

4. Always put your partner first. You should always learn to put your partner first in whatever you do. By doing this they will know that you love them and then they will end up respecting you.

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