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In a marriage, respect is very important. When there is no respect in a marriage, that marriage might not last. As a woman you have to respect your husband if you want your marriage to last. Below are ways that you can show respect to your husband.

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1. Always seek his opinion on matters. As a married woman, you should always learn to seek your husband’s opinion on matters and decisions before you take them. Before taking any decision, you should hear what your husband will say about it. This way, he will know that you respect him.

2. Take his suggestions into consideration. When you seek his opinion on matters, you should learn to take them into consideration. You should not throw his suggestions away this way, he will feel important.

3. Always apologize when you offend him. Whenever you do something wrong to him, you should always apologize immediately. When you do this you are showing him that you respect him.

4. Be careful what you tell others about him. You should not go around telling people things about your husband. There are things that should be kept between the both of you and not shared to outsiders. You should not go about telling people about his weaknesses and flaws if you do this, it shows that you do not respect him.

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