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‘We need to remind UEFA who Real Madrid is,’ Perez says as he continues his Super League push.

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Except in Florentino Perez’s head, the Super League dream lived and died in the span of one crazy day in April.

While clubs around Europe were shamed into backing down almost immediately, and apologies were issued across the board, Perez doubled down, and he is still keeping the dream alive more than six months later.

He used the opportunity to market the notion to his own season ticket holders again today at the Real Madrid general assembly.

“The Super League isn’t just a tournament; it’s an attempt to transform the dynamic of football because if we don’t do something, football will perish,” he insisted.

Football – which, of course, has functioned contentedly for a long time without Super Leagues and would continue to function normally even if every major club folded – appears to us to be in good shape.

Perez, speaking to the crowd, also took aim at UEFA, which had opposed the proposed Super League from the outset.

“We need to remind UEFA who Real Madrid is,” says the player.

As things stand, they’re a club on their own, plowing a solitary furrow of self-interest.

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