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‘We will not be able to release Francis-Xavier Sosu to you,’ Parliament informs the police.

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Parliament has announced that it will not release Francis-Xavier Sosu, the MP for Madina, to aid in investigations as requested by the Ghana Police Service’s Criminal Investigation Division.

Mr Sosu cannot be released, Parliament stated in a letter dated October 28 to the Deputy-Director General of the Criminal Investigation Division, F.K. Agyei, citing the constraints of Articles 117 and 118 of the 1992 Constitution.

“I am directed by the Rt. Hon. Speaker to inform you that the 3rd Meeting of the 1st Session of the 8th Parliament began on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, and that, due to the limitations of articles 117 and 118 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic, he is unable to release the Member of Parliament as requested in your letter,” Nana Tawiah Owusu, Deputy Director of Legal Services.

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'We will not be able to release Francis-Xavier Sosu to you,' Parliament informs the police.

The legislative body also stated that the matter is currently being investigated by the Privileges Committee, which is looking into “breach of parliamentary privilege and contempt by ACP Isaac Kojo Asante of the Accra Regional Police Command and ACP Eric Winful of the Adenta Divisional Command, respectively.”

Meanwhile, Parliament has encouraged the Police Service to undertake its investigations in accordance with Articles 117, 118, and 112.

“Neither the Speaker, nor a member of Parliament, nor the Clerk to Parliament shall be compelled, while attending Parliament, to appear as a witness in any court or place outside of Parliament,” says Article 118, which also guarantees protection from Witness Summons.

The current development follows Mr Sosu’s failure to appear for questioning at the police station on Monday, October 25, 2021, when he was summoned for his role in a protest against substandard roads organized by his people. When protestors barricaded a part of the road and lit tyres on fire, the demonstration went awry.

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'We will not be able to release Francis-Xavier Sosu to you,' Parliament informs the police.

The legislator claimed that he had a parliamentary call and could not be arrested until the Speaker of the House of Commons arrived.

Mr Sosu later filed a contempt of Parliament case with the Speaker of Parliament against two police officers.

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