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Women should avoid having too much s*x, according to Counsellor D.Y Donkor, because it has long-term consequences.

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He believes that just because a woman wants to spice up her relationship and put her guy at ease does not imply she should engage in sexual activity.

“When sex takes center stage in dating and romance, it blinds the females and makes it difficult for them to assess if the men are suitable for them.”

It’s worth noting that some women go so far as to use sex as a form of retaliation for their wrongdoings.

The Counsellor, on the other hand, stressed that dating a man should not include sex because it blinds women while opening men’s eyes.

“After sex, men’s attitudes and eyes are opened,” he remarked.

He said this in an interview with Angel FM in Accra.

Dating, according to the Counsellor, is solely for the purpose of conversing in order to encourage both parties develop an interest in one another.

“After dating, you move on to courtship, where you analyze each other’s personalities to choose whether or not to continue the relationship,” Counsellor Donkor explained.

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