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There are things that your partner does that should not be overlooked. Also, there are things that happens in your relationship that should not also be overlooked. Once you notice these things. You should break up with him or her.

1. You only get to see them when they want to see you. This is a red flag.

2. They make plans with you and then forget.

3. They are all around you when you have money and then when there is no more money they tend to be distant. This is a very big red flag and should not be overlooked.

4. They are never around whenever you have problems but they come around you when they have problems.

5. They will want you to share everything you have with them but they would not like to share theirs with you.

6. They only get intimate with you when they want it but will never get intimate with you if you are the only one who wants it. These kind of people are selfish.

7. They hardly spend time with you.

8. They get easily irritated whenever they are with you.

9. You can never please them. Everything you do for them is just not enough.

10. They don’t respect you or your feelings.

These are few red flags you should not ignore in any relationship. Once you notice them, you should walk away.

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